Kenapa saya milih nama salah satu filum animalia buat jadi judul post ini? Because I learned about it di Tridaya tadi siang. With her. Just the two of us.

Dan Bu Irma tentunya.

Saya bisa ngejelasin apa yang saya rasain hari ini dengan senggaknya satu kata: Seneng, walopun ini udah ke sekian kalinya saya spend my time together with her, and it wasn’t a special one. I’ve had better one than that with her.

Nevertheless, I am a happy man!

We’ve almost went out for a date buat nonton. But her dad picked her up right after we walked out dari Tridaya. Shoot! Bad luck.

Emang susah buat ngomong ini, tapi kenyatannya:

I more than like her so much!


~ by blubchoc on May 17, 2008.

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